Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First of all I want to say that I’ve got a new supervisor who is an ex-volunteer for EVS. I like him and I’m happy with what he does for me. Finally after 4 months someone has explained to me things I was supposed to learn right after my arrival. I spent a nice weekend in the mountains with other volunteers. His friends accepted us and treated us like close friends. I am very grateful to them for that. There’s a lady I like here in Rustavi. Sometimes we sit on the bench and speak about life. There’s also a grandmother of my host-family who is a superwoman. I’m glad I met interesting people, because they make my impression about Georgians positive.

However there is something that hurts me.

A couple of days ago I found out that Kids Center, where I used to be free time animator, doesn’t want me to continue my activity there, as they aren’t satisfied with my work. During meetings with kids I felt something was wrong. Teachers didn’t want to cooperate with me, to help me translate into Georgian, excusing themselves with being tired or making renovation at home. They never told me directly that they didn’t want me there. I found it out in the organization. It was of course very frustrating. No one is perfect. I turned out to be not good enough to work with difficult children. I know now it’s not an activity for me. But I think they could speak to me about it. They could say: Listen, don’t feel offended, but we don’t need your help. I would understand that. But they said this behind my back. They really hurt my feelings.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Today passed the second month of my project in Georgia.
The European club continues to prepare presentations on the various EU countries. For the Cinema Club chose many ambitious films. These are movies with a message of moral, but it is the language barrier - the impression that young people simply do not understand these films.

At the heart of a child, I had the idea to photograph the kids who reside there. I would also like the artistic activities with them to paint on glass.

My Georgian language despite the fact that I already know many words still do not allow me to conversations, If we're talking about languages is very much like to develop my Russian to be able to carry a deep conversation.
I have a very good teacher, I like her very much

In matters outside of work feels lonely because I have no friends among the local youth in Rustavi, my friends are other volunteers in Tbilisi. With them also was in Borjomi. A very beautiful mountain region.

I already had the first cold.

Friday, October 29, 2010

I learned to do it khaczapuri and also for a month a little sightseeing Georgia.

And my Georgian slowly slowly I see the results
I'm in Georgia for EVS.
Helping contribute to Euro-Club with a local volunteer. I try to give information about cultural and social havens of the European Union.

Young people at the meeting of Euro-club is active.
After the meeting, please evaluations which aims to show whether the classes for them were boring or interesting.

I am also a culture animator in children's home, the kids are very eager to work and play, minus the language barrier because I have really a lot of ideas for fun and games but do not know Georgian.
However, my English and Russian are communicative-so some things so I am not able to translate.

The problem is also a volunteer, who does not speak any foreign language and communicate in sign language does not help